Why apply? With a safe and fun environment to work in, transport provided, an opportunity to earn a high income and training provided, being a dancer at Blu night's Executive Lounge is a highly sought-after position. Only the highest calibre of dancers will be selected. For those who require accommodation, we provide safe and comfortable accommodation off-site, in a property in close proximity to Blu Night.

Applying for the position:


Email two photographs of yourself to dancers@blunight.co.za.


The first photograph must be a head shot and the second photograph must be a full length picture of yourself in a bikini, along with a brief description of your experience and current place of employment.


If selected Blu Night Executive Lounge will contact the candidate for an interview.

Criteria for becoming a dancer:


We're looking for ladies who not only can speak politely with their words, but who can speak with their body language. Being able to socialise well with others is key, using their outgoing and lively personality to engage with Blu night's upmarket clientele.


Candidates whose bodies match their personality are required. Not only do ladies have to be well presented and have a fit figure, they must feel confident and comfortable with their bodies and enjoy showing it off.


Candidates with sober habits will only be selected.

If candidates have no pole dancing experience, Blu Night will provide training.

Candidates must enjoy working with other ladies and must be a team player.


Only reliable candidates will be selected for this position as Blu Night will not tolerate unreliable dancers.

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